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Symbol Explanation

Incorporating the quintessence of the sun and the moon and the nimbus of rivers, the script of Northglass is the symbol of all things on the horizon, together with the red sun and the clear moon, the perfect nature is engendered. The red sun symbolizes the development of Northglass, growing from scratch and then rising big and powerful; the moon resembles Northglass’s employees who are quietly contributing to the Northglass and the society with their hardworking hands and intelligent minds. Meanwhile, Northglass was recognized and was thriving bathing in the sunlight, rain and dew of the society. This perfect logo reveals the philosophy of harmony between feminine and positive and the birth of all things, the concept of cooperation and collaboration had also demonstrated the philosophy of contribution and reward. Three basic colors of the nature, i.e., red, yellow and blue, symbolizing Nature and Science, indicate that Northglass is dedicated to science and technology.

This logo also implies the Company’s initial technology at its initiation period- horizontal bowing and tempering technology. Heat and cold during tempering is just like the sun and the moon, which symbolizes the glass tempering process. Bow glass is formed through compression molding of male and female dies, which happens to coincide with the combination of the sun and the moon, between which exists the shaped and horizontally laid tempered bow glass – Northglass’s horizontal bowing and tempering technology is fully embodied in the logo.

The sun and the moon rises together, which embraces each other to form “ming” (the Chinese characters of 日 (the sun) and 月 (the month) comes together to become another Chinese character明), which also remembers the Company’s initiator– Board Chairman Gao Xueming.

In summary, the LOGO dredges up the industry characteristics, corporate concepts as well as moral characters and personalities recognized by traditional culture and modern enterprises. It not only highlights the features of a hi-tech enterprise but also exhibits Northglass’s style as a standard and international company and its great ambition to lead the technological tides. The logo fully showcases Northglass’s technology, corporate culture and enterprise philosophy.

                                                                                                                                                    Logo designer: Gao Xueming

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