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Wage System
In order to promote the culture of North Glass better, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, highlight strengths in the fierce market competition, and make the North Glass team stronger and the North Glass career more brilliant, the company has decided to implement the wage structure of qualified wage + post wage.

Qualified Wage
Qualified wage is determined based on the knowledge, ability (education and job title, etc.) as well as experience (work experience and position, etc.) of individuals. It changes with the comprehensive ability of individuals instead of posts.

Post Wage
1 Post wage is “arranged based on posts”. According to the different nature, responsibilities, size, span of management and other factors of different posts, post wage changes with different posts. No post, no post wage. Post wage is assessed and paid according to individual performance.
2 Post wages is divided into two categories. Quantifiable post wages: piece-rate system for workers at the production line; the sales commission system for international and domestic sales personnel; the quantitative contracting system for domestic and international customer service personnel. Non-quantifiable post wages: the designer, R&D personnel, engineering personnel and management personnel of functional departments as well as personnel for management, R&D, engineering, technology and quality of secondary units. All employees must be grouped into one of the two categories. The mixed use is not allowed. All employees must have specific posts and responsibilities, and the category and level of the post wages are determined after assessment.

Quarterly Wage Adjustment
The employees of North Glass with good performance are provided with the opportunity for salary increase at least once each quarter, with maximum wage increase of 5%-40% of post wages.

Special Awards
As for the excellent employees and teams during the year, we also offer various special awards in order to recognize and reward outstanding employees and teams.

Stock Options
We provide stock options for the excellent key staff looking forward to long-term development in North Glass, and allow employees to share the benefits of the company’s growth, so that employees’ personal benefits and the company’s long-term development are closely connected.

North Glass provides endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance (including critical illness insurance), maternity insurance, employment injury insurance and housing fund for employees.
In addition, North Glass employees also enjoy a variety of holidays regulated by the state and festival allowance.
PClothing:North Glass provides workers at the production line with free uniforms and supplies for labor protection annually and provides administrative staff with two uniforms and a suit every two years.
Food:North Glass provides employees with monthly food allowance and a good dining room.
Accommodation:Provide employee dormitory equipped with complete facilities.

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