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Corporate Mission

To carry out mission with the strength of the collective

Adhering to the corporate philosophy of people-oriented, the team of North Glass is full of vitality. The team pays attention to individual development and team work, provides free development space, and forms good work atmosphere.

Since its establishment, North Glass team has become strong and mature. It attracts talent from afar and few staff has left disappointedly. This team is full of cohesion and combat effectiveness. The history and glory of North Glass has become an indispensable character of their spiritual life. An employee said to the reporter of North Glass Culture: “As a worker, I focus on career and leaders. The design and products of North Glass take the lead in China. I’d like to study and work in such a powerful enterprise. Moreover, the core leadership team with Chairman Gao Xueming as the representative not only respects talent but also is cooperative and ambitious, which attracts me to join in. I choose North Glass ... a few years later, my knowledge, energy, sweat and life have been closely connected with North Glass business.” The sincere words express the true feelings that employees and North Glass share weal or woe.

Over the years, North Glass employees have achieved success. Many employees who can not display their talents in other jobs join in North Glass. It provides a relaxed platform for staff. A number of capable and excellent ordinary employees have taken leading positions and acted as chief engineers. As the saying goes, keeping is harder than winning, and the temporary brilliance does not represent permanent honor. The glory of North Glass has been achieved owing to over ten years of hard work and struggle of all staff at various posts instead of the achievements of a few people. Sales personnel explore the markets, many workers at the production line work hard, and technicians and after-sales personnel provide technical support. The glory of North Glass includes the outstanding achievement of elites and the selfless contribution of administration personnel.

A complete machine can not operate without a variety of large and small parts. Although some are installed in the important positions, and some are just placed in inconspicuous places, they all play an important role, and are indispensable. This is the strength of the team as well as the mission of the collective.

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