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  Domestic Tempering Companies:
  (Shanghai North Glass)Tel:021—57858666 Fax:021—57858667
  (Luoyang North Glass)Tel:0379—64311317 Fax:0379—64331819
  Customer Service Center:021—57858668

  Luoyang North Glass Technology (Group) Co., Ltd
  Address: No. 20 Binhe Road, High-tech Development Zone, Luoyang, Henan
  Receptionist:0379—64331863 Fax:0379—64330181
  Dispatching Center:0379—64331823 E-mail:  
  Administrative Management Department:0379—64331861
  Luoyang Glass Company:
  Contact:Huichuan Hou 0379—64312861 Fax:0379—64331828
  E-mail:  E-mail: (Public)

  Shanghai North Glass Technology Industrial  Co., Ltd.
  Add: No. 328 Guanghua Road, Songjiang Science & Technology Zone, Shanghai City.
  Receptionist:021—57858601 Fax:021—57858600
  President Office:021-57858673
  Administration Center:021—57858606
  Human Resource Department:021—57858605
  Editorial Department of North Glass Culture Newspaper:021—57858608
  Shanghai North Glass Co., Ltd:
  Contact:Lisa Liu 021—57858681 021—57858680 Fax:021—57852299 E-mail: 

  Beijing North Glass Safety Glass Co., Ltd
  Address: No. 2 Dongyi Street, Tongzhou Industrial Development Zone, Beijing
  Integrated Management Department: 010—61562824
  Sales Department:
  Contact:Chunchao Li 010—65403632 Mob:13501386978
  Business Department:
  Contact:Minister Shao 010—61562163 Fax:010—69572661
  Overseas Sales Department:
  Contact:Holly An 010—61562844 Fax:010—69572661

  Shanghai North Glass Coating Technology Industrial Co., Ltd  

        Address: 3/F, No. 328 Guanghua Road, Songjiang Science & Technology Zone, Shanghai


  Tianjin North Glass Industrial Technical Co.,LTD  

       Address: South of Baozhong Avenue, Conservation
       &Environment Projection Industry Zone,BaodiDistrict,Tianjin

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