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NorthGlass Safety Glass Divisions are composed of four branch companies respectively located in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Luoyang. For your enquiry, service request, complaint or suggestion relating with Safety Glass Divisions, please send your e-mail to glass@northglass.comfor further forwarding, our responsible staff will contact you soon.




Overseas Sales Department

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        Overseas Sales Director
        Mr. Johnny Li

        Tel: +86-(0)21-57858658,       Fax: +86-(0)21-57852233

Mobile: +86-13818957535




For NorthGlass’s existing customers of glass tempering furnaces, please directly contact the Sales Manager responsible for your furnaces. For potential customers, please send your e-mail to sales@northglass.comfor further forwarding, our responsible sales staff will contact you soon. For complaints or suggestions, please directly contact the Sales Director via


Overseas Service Department

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Overseas Service Director                                        Overseas Service Director Assistant

Mr. Ping Feng                                                               Mr. Jeffrey Mao

Tel: +86-(0)379-64331812                                           Tel: +86-(0)21-57858634

Fax: +86-(0)379-65110512                                          Fax: +86-(0)21-57858670

Mobile: +86-13818957987                                           Mobile: +86-13818957973                   


Overseas Regional Service Managers (for technical service only)


Asia Area                                                                                      Europe Area

Mr. Bing Li                                                                   Mr. Xueling Hu

Mobile: +86-13818957972                                          Mobile: +86-15900706038

E-mail:                                    E-mail:


Russia & CIS Region Area                                                          Turkey

Mr. Weidong Liu                                                          Mr. Qiang Ma

Mobile: +86-13613897695                                          Mobile: +86-13693797830



Middle East & Africa Area                                                        South America Area

Mr. Xingmin Liu                                                                           Mr. Zhiyi Zhao

Mobile: +86-13774201321                                                        Mobile: +86-13938870636

E-mail:                            E-mail:


North America & Oceania Area                         

Mr. Yonggang Lu                                                        

Mobile: +86-13818957950                                                          



The Regional Service Managers are responsible for local technical services only. For the enquiry of glass tempering furnace, please send the e-mail to For the enquiry of spare parts, please send the e-mail to complaints or suggestions, please directly contact the Service Director via


III. Shanghai NorthGlass Coating Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.


Overseas Sales Manager

Mr. Mark Xing

        Tel: +86-(0)21-57858566,       Fax: +86-(0)21-57858699

Mobile: +86-13818957521



IV. Shanghai NorthGlass Automation Technology Co., Ltd.


         Overseas Sales

        Tel: +86-(0)21-57858663,       Fax: +86-(0)21-57858551



V. Luoyang NorthGlass Taixin Fan Technology Co., Ltd.


         Overseas Sales

        Tel: +86-(0)379-63310691 / 63310692

        Fax: +86-(0)379-64331847


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