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Electric Components Bidding by the Logistics Center of Northglass Group in 2008

Date:2011-6-22 18:04:12

Bidding company: Purchasing Department of LUOYANG NORTHGLASS TECHNOLOGY (GROUP) CO.,LTD

    Our company is schemed for procurement of partial electrical components in Shanghai and Luoyang by tending; the supplier will be selected in a method of public bidding. Interested companies are welcomed for bid tendering. Please refer to the attachment for details.
   I. Brief Introduction of the bidding project
      1. Project Name: 2008 Electric Component Products Bidding
      2. Project Contents: See attached list.
      3. Bidding No.: 20080301
   II. Contact Methods:
Contact person in Technical Dept.: Sun Xingjian 0379-64331855
Contact person in Purchasing Dept.: Shi Baozhong 0379-64331807
   III. Important notes for Bidding

Notes: please submit printed documents together with the electric files in the standard format provided by our company; this standard format can be copied from our company, or be acquired via E-mail:, password: northglass
      1. Dispatching Methods of bidding documents:
Online tendering is recommended. Please acquire the electric files from above E-mail address, fill in the files and send them to Deadline is 0:00 of March 31, 2008. Other required documents in written form shall be posted to or transmitted to the following address not later than March 24 2008: Purchasing Dept. of LUOYANG NORTHGLASS; No. 20 Binhe Road, High-Tech Developing Zone of Luoyang.
      2. Bidding deadline: 0:00 of March 31, 2008. Overdue or Non-standard tendering documents will not be accepted.

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