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New Year Congratulations

Date:2011-6-22 18:05:07

To all colleagues in Northglass:
  Spring has come, and everything starts growing. We have said goodbye to the fruitful year of 2007, and have welcomed the hopeful year of 2008. On the occasion of the approaching of the New Year, I hereby, representing the board of directors and in the name of myself, would like to deliver a deep appreciation to all employees for your hard works and endeavors! I’ll also show my sublime respect and sincere appreciation to the families of the employees who have silently contributed themselves for development of the company!

  The past year is a harvest year and a fruitful year for us. In the year, driven by the spirit of “unlimited innovation, and fighting for win” and under the endeavors of the whole crew, our company has acquired excellent achievements and completely accomplished various production and marketing tasks, the operating income exceeds RMB 650 million Yuan, and the paid tax exceeds RMB 70 million Yuan! Furthermore, our company has won the bids of the Olympic projects of the Bird’s Nest and the Water Tube, which are national key projects, and all above show that our company has had an unpredictable developing space!

  The encouraging achievements imply that the strategies of Northglass are clear and the orientation is definite. Through the achievements, we’ve seen a new Northglass filled with vigor and vitality. Herein I want to say a word to all employees of Northglass who contribute themselves: well done, everyone! It is your hard works that create the achievements and developments of the company today!

  We are very excited when looking forward to the coming year. Our company will be listed, and we’ll have more products to develop and larger market to explore. Opportunities and challenges are both existed, so does the glory and dream! I hope that we will work even harder, and make greater progress in the new year. It is in severe conditions that the capabilities of our company can be fully shown; and we will have no doubt on carrying larger and larger responsibilities! The road is just under our feet, and opportunities are just in our hands, so let us cooperate and stride forward in high vigors!  At last, I wish every friend, every colleague and every family a good work, a health body, a happy family and a happy new year!

                                                                     Gao xueming, Board Chairman and President of Northglass

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