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Winning Honor for the Olympics & Constructing Excellent Projects – Reports from the Beijing Subsidiary Construction Site of the Bird’s Nest

Date:2011-6-22 18:06:31

After the signing ceremony, the production of the glass products for the Bird’s Nest is formally commenced. In the whole Beijing Glass Subsidiary, banners writing “Winning Honor for the Olympics & Constructing an Excellent Project” or “Operating Carefully, Facing Difficulties, and Accomplishing the Bird’s Nest project in high quality and efficiency” are everywhere, which on the one hand reminding the employees to operate carefully and produces excellent products, and on the other hand telling them that the project is an arduous while glorious mission.

It is never too much to say that the project is arduous. Although Beijing Subsidiary realized that it is a hard job at the time when the project contract is signed, and the subsidiary found that the job is ultra hard after it actually carried out the works. Firstly, a part of the orders of the Bird’s Nest project are shaped glass products, i. e. glass products with irregular shapes. It was not too difficult in respect of the cutting process, for Northglass had already had equipments for cutting irregular glass. The difficulty is to combine two shaped glass pieces together and ensure no overlaying error after laminating, which requires a very high cutting precision. During the production, in order to ensure the processing precision, the Beijing Subsidiary crew overcame many difficulties paid much attention to each process, from cutting and grinding to laminating, and finally produced the qualified products. At the same time, due to the complexity of the drawings, the drawing supplier would inevitably make mistakes. In order to ensure accuracy of the drawings, Minister Jia Guoqiang went to the construction site of the Bird’s Nest project several times to communicate with the designers of the other party, check the drawings on site, and even help them to draw drawings, all the activities resulting in no rejection of the processed products during installation, and is highly praised and affirmed by the construction party.

Secondly, the color glazed glass in the VIP zone is excellent among the excellent products, and the designer specially designed an element overlaying line for the Bird’s Nest with the width of only 0.1mm, i. e. the thickness of the lines of the formal “Chinese Red” pattern is controlled within 0.1mm, which increases complexity and difficulty of screen printing. Besides, no company in the large Beijing market can make the “Film” of such width. In order to solve this problem, general engineer Zhang Yutang specially went to Shanghai and asked Sefar Printing Solutions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd for help. Till the present day, the screen has been made out, and is being transmitted to Beijing.

In order to ensure that the 2008 Olympic Games will be held in August as scheduled, the requirements to the schedule of the Bird’s Nest project are very high, and each stage is restricted to a shortest period of time. It is even unfortunately that the production tasks of Beijing Subsidiary are very heavy, and each process is fully burdened with tasks, while general manager Gao Qi demanded that all works should serve for the Olympic Games, both the construction schedule and the quality should be ensured, and the processing technologies of Northglass should be comprehensively represented. Therefore, the busy Beijing subsidiary not only processed the glass products without any flaw, but carried out edging and polishing processes for all sideboard glass pieces with a 26-head edging machine, which enabled the processed glass edges with mirroring effects. In particular on 23rd September, board chairman and president Gao Xueming came to the construction site of the Bird’s Nest, and proposes a requirement that we should well protect our products after ha saw that partial of the “Chinese Red” glass pieces on site are exposed in a wild construction field.

On the next day, Beijing Subsidiary dispatched two employees to the site to protect the products with films and adhere each edge with protection layer of double side adhesive, which prevents splash of cement points, welding points on the glass during crossed construction to the maximum extent, which the splash points would destroy the glass surface or break the glass edges. The “excellence pursuing" spirits of Northglass presented all the people participating in projects of the Olympic Games a entirely new appearance.

Oct. 1 became the most unforgettable holiday of Beijing Subsidiary; everyone did not have a rest and was busy for the projects of the Olympic Games. Two thirds of the sideboard project was accomplished within only over ten days. It is reported that the VIP zone, the patio passage, the curtain wall and the Water Tube project are all under busy construction, it is estimated that all the projects will be finished by late November.

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