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The prospect and market applying of the structural glass

Date:2011-7-7 14:07:47

   With the quickly development of the building industry, the styles of the building curtain wall are tend to be diversified and complicated. People 's requirements to the workplace and lifearea become more and more strict. To the architectural glass, lighting,Viewing and decorating are the basic requirements to the glass. Energy conservation and the environmental protection are the further steps, which shall become more and more valued in the future.Therefore, the structural glass is born at the right moment.

   The development of the structural glass is the new tendency of the building glass and also be the latest product. The great idea derived from the apple company 's amazing vision. Also the value of the structural glass is about 10 to 100 times to the normal glass. Norglass company carried out a seris of explorative and innovative measures.The edging machine of self developed can shape the glass to the thickness of 100mm, what is no corporation interiorly achieved and  already being the miracle in the glass industry. The born of this technique brought a more imaginary space for the structural glass designer.

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