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Beijing Subsidiary Succeeded in Contracting the Glass Curtain Wall Project of Beijing South Railway Station

Date:2011-6-22 18:07:37

It has been learned recently from Beijing Subsidiary that the 15,000 m2 photoelectric glass curtain wall project of Beijing South Railway Station, known as the biggest station in Asia, has been completely contracted by Beijing Subsidiary. Till then, Beijing South Railway Station, the station with an investment of RMB several billion Yuan, an area of 226 thousand m2 and a capacity of 10,500 passengers, would be marked with Northglass symbol again.

As introduced by Mr. Liang Jianjie, the sales manager of Northglass contracting the project, the glass products provided for Beijing South Railway Station are rather complex, and the technical difficulties are not smaller than that of the National Grand Theater. The main products consist of 8mm tempered ultra clear, 30A (crystallized), 8mm tempered transparent Low-E, 1.52PVB and 8mm tempered round spot color glaze, all shaped, and the technical process covers ultra clear, tempering, hollowing, laminating, screen printing, Low-E and etc., nearly including all difficulties in glass processing.

Besides photoelectric curtain walls, the project also includes a comprehensive building and canopies, with a total area of 31,000 m2 and a total sales volume of RMB 14 million Yuan.

It is said that the modern transport hub, the largest in Asia which integrates high-speed railway, normal railway, subway, light railway, suburban railway, bus and taxi, will be put into use next May together with all projects of the Bird’s Nest.

                                               Reported by: Dui Jin

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