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NorthGlass Sincerely Welcomes you on Glasstec 2016 at Dusseldorf!

Date:2016-9-9 15:34:31


As the globally largest glass technology exhibition, Glasstec 2016 in Dusseldorf will be opened on 20th, Sep., 2016. The exhibition will be on view for 4 days, from 20th ,Sep. to 23th, Sep., and is estimated to attract both exhibitors and professional visitors from more than 80 countries across the world.

The exhibition is hold by Dusseldorf Exhibition Group. It is regarded as world’s top trade show in glass industry in terms of the scope, category and amount of its exhibitions. What Glasstec exhibition will show are the most comprehensive and most representative, leading innovative technologies as well as the largest glass deep-processing equipment.

For this grand exhibition, multiple business units, such as deep-processing equipment division and glass deep-processed product division from NorthGlass will together take part in it and bring over market-leading products to constructively communicate with professional visitors from all over the world, actively open to global market.








NorthGlass Exhibit Highlight on the Stand —— Top Series Glass Tempering Furnace




As the first BU, Tempering Furnace Division (TFD) is always the core sector of NorthGlass with the largest sales value since 20 years ago. From the development and sales of the first glass tempering furnace in 1995, TFD has totally produced and sold nearly 4000 glass tempering furnaces. These furnaces were sold not only in China with cumulative market share of almost 50%, but also exported to more than 80 foreign countries, including USA, Germany, Switzerland, UK, France, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Japan, Australia, South Korea, India, Singapore, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc. We have repeatedly created and broken our own world records, such as 2.85×5 m bent tempering furnace, 4.5×2.85 m bent glass tempering furnace, 3.6×18 m flat/bent glass tempering furnace. NorthGlass’s continuous glass tempering furnace is taking an absolute leading position in the market, the cumulative sales is more than 100 sets including more than 50 sets sold in last three years. In whatever capacity, energy consumption, or product quality and equipment stability, NorthGlass continuous tempering furnaces are significantly ahead of the other competitors, becoming the first choice for photovoltaic industry and other industrial glass processors.



NorthGlass Exhibit Highlight on the Stand —— Tempering Glass Product





The glass deep-processed product division of NorthGlass owns a series of cutting-edge technologies to develop and manufacture all kinds of deep-processed glass with high quality, such as jumbo-size tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, screen printing glass, digital printing glass, etc., which makes the company to become a renowned, specialized glass supplier for a number of global top-level architectural projects, such as China’s National Center for the Performing Arts, “Bird Nest” & “Water Cube” of 2008 Beijing Olympic, “Sunny Valley” & “Shiliupu Pier” & “Chins Pavilion”of 2010 Shanghai Expo, Shanghai Expo Museum, Shanghai Center, London Leiden Office Building, London Bloomberg Headquaters, Manchester Town HALL, Holland Van Gogh Museum, UAE Abu Dhabi International Airport, National Bank of Kuwait, “Tomorrow World” of Shanghai Disneyland, etc..  

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