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NorthGlass Consolidates European Market in GLASSTEC 2016

Date:2016-10-14 15:34:08

On 20th, Sep.~23rd, Sep., 2016, GLASSTEC 2016 ( Dusseldorf International Glass Exhibition) was held in Dusseldorf exhibition center in Germany. NorthGlass Group, together with glass industry visitors from all over the world gathered here in this city along Rhine, facing it with a grin.


This time, NorthGlass well designed her booth in an ingenious way to perfectly display both her top-level glass tempering furnace and tempered glass products, covering a space of nearly 500 m2. It is an industry leading endeavor. It is a vivid reflection of technology leadership.



On this stand, NorthGlass exhibited her Top-series glass tempering furnace and such five classic types of deep-processed glass products as concave & convex tempered glass, downwardly bent tempered glass, serration glass, heat- strengthened glass, sefar mesh glass, etc.. The top-level tempering furnace, with its classic black appearance, rigid outline as well as orange waist line undoubtedly became the biggest highlight in this exhibition. And big improvements in the equipment structure and performance further attracted a number of professional clients on the site. Those well-known deep-processed glass manufacturers kept coming over for new technology inquiries one after another.



This top-series glass tempering furnace manufactured by NorthGlass is equipped standard with finer heating control partition and intelligent heating control system based on glass exit-chamber temperature. With its intelligent operation system, not only can produce top-quality tempered glass, but also can achieve large-scale, high-efficient and stable glass production. Meanwhile, the furnace puts together a series of patented technologies by NorthGlass, such as gapless forced convection technology, dual photoelectric sensors glass length measurement technology, intelligent heating module control technology, super flat & spotless technology, etc.. All these NorthGlass’s technology innovations represent the highest equipment standard in the whole glass manufacturing industry. Mr. Gaoli, president of NorthGlass, said that this top-series tempering furnace showed in the exhibition would not only further secure NorthGlass’s leading position in the high-end market, but also leading the glass tempering industry forward to an truly intelligent age.



When shifting the focus to the five high-quality deep-processed products on the stand, we can also see many professional visitors stop their feet in front of them, looking and touching at them for a while . Especially for the concave & convex tempered glass, both their arc fit and surface quality are far out of technology limit of other existing equipment in the market. Some clients even directly expressed their strong willingness to purchase the furnace on site. There are also European local deep-processed glass manufacturers hoping to reach a strategic cooperation with NorthGlass, providing them with these high-quality but high-tech glass products so as to offset their weak links in the production.



In this exhibition, as NorthGlass’s subsidiaries, the Automation Technology Corporation, Coating Technology Corporation and Juisun Screen Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. also spared no efforts to show their new technologies and products to visitors. It is worth to mention that, as a glass screen printing machine manufacturer of nearly 25 years’history and NorthGlass’s new subsidiary, Shenzhen Juisun Screen Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. further discussed the cooperation idea with both Russian and American business agents of NorthGlass Tempering Furnace overseas business division under the active push of both Tempering Furnace Corporation and Automation Technology Corporation. Through joint efforts, an initial intention of cooperation was successfully established.   

It was reported that, within the short exhibition period of 4 days, NorthGlass booth has received nearly 2000 professional visitors and exhibitors from six overseas continents. NorthGlass’s 30-attendees team held thorough talks with more than 150 clients from 60 different countries, getting 42 equipment purchasing intentions and 16 equipment sales orders. Several big customers also expressed their intention to directly purchase high-end deep-processed glass products from NorthGlass.



Dusseldorf in late Autumn this year was standing in the spotlight of global glass industry, giving NorthGlass a infinite stage to take a bigger step forward to overseas market.  



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