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NorthGlass Attended 2016 GLASSBUILD AMERICA

Date:2016-11-21 15:33:59
GLASSBUILD AMERICA is the largest and professional exhibition of glass, door & window products in North America. This exhibition is hosted by NGA every year, dedicating to share the up-to-date product development trend with diversified in glass industry.  
Five business units with glass deep-processing equipment and deep-processed glass products owned by NorthGlass attended the exhibition in 2016, covering a total stand area of 278 m2. For the three-day exhibition, NorthGlass’s stand attracted about 122 customers from all over the world, among which there was an obvious increase in the number of interested buyers compared with that of last year. 

Together with NorthGlass, its sales agent—HHH Tempering Resources ( simply called as HHH hereinafter) as well as its strategic cooperative partner in North America—SALEM corporation also attended the exhibition, actively playing their marketing role for NorthGlass’s products. HHH is a local expertise company in North America, which just got distributing rights for NorthGlass’s glass tempering furnace and automatic equipment last year, but already had an outstanding market performance during the year by virtue of its continuously accumulated market share as well as good reputation of NorthGlass’s products. It was reported that NorthGlass’s products successfully stood out of the highly competitive market and became very popular in North America, especially for the glass tempering furnaces, which had been sold twice as many as that of NorthGlass’s old international rivals.

By virtue of this exhibition, Mr. Gaoli, as the president of NorthGlass and general manager of NorthGlass Tempering Furnace Business Unit, together with agent representative-- Mike from HHH corporation, paid visits to two key US customers for product feedbacks. During the visits, Paul M, who is the production manager of one company recalled, “In Luoyang, I was fascinated again by the plant capacity and vertical integration. This bottom to top manufacturing approach plays an important role in your capabilities to produce the right instrument for us.” Paul continued, “I appreciated Gracie’s (North America sales manager of NorthGlass) energy and engineering knowledge. I discovered Mike’s ability to ‘Americanize’ the product by its commitment to quality and future serviceability. You are a terrific value added duo! ”
The customer further said that NorthGlass’s furnace energy efficiency and the quality of finished glass produced were greatly superior to that of the old ones purchased from other manufacturers. Another customer, who has already purchased two glass tempering furnaces from NorthGlass, was also satisfied with NorthGlass’ products and expressed the strong intention of still choosing NorthGlass’s product for the incoming production project in 2017.

In this exhibition, for glass exhibit part, concave & convex tempering glass produced by NorthGlass glass production base in Tianjin, which has already exhibited in 2016 GLASSTEC DUESSELDOLF, attracted a large number of visitors again. Not only designers from door & window industry showed their strong interest in the two glass exhibits, but also the buyers gave their recognition and high appraisal. Unexpectedly, there were even US local manufacturer peers expressing their great willingness to build cooperation with NorthGlass so as to offset their production weaknesses.

It is a fruitful and full-of-surprise exhibition for NorthGlass. One single word of appraisal from one single customer yet takes hard and cooperative work of designer team, production team as well as customer service team of NorthGlass day in and day out. And NorthGlass will keep such work passion and spare no effort to take a bigger move in North America market!

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