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NorthGlass Built Strategic Cooperation with A+W —— making glass processing automation possible

Date:2016-11-22 15:33:51



As the one and only public company in domestic glass machinery manufacturing industry, NorthGlass’s glass tempering furnace takes up the biggest global market share, and her glass deep processing capability holds a leading position in domestic market as well.
As the most specialized ERP company for glass processing, A+W corporation has been engaged in developing and executing ERP management for glass processing industry for more than 40 years, providing professional services to more than 1100 end users globally.


On 13th, Oct., 2016, A+W came to NorthGlass’s Shanghai production base and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with NorthGlass.
On the one hand, NorthGlass has accumulated lots of experience in aspects of technology, manufacture and operation, and is ready to share them with such company like A+W to build win-win, even multi-win cooperation. Such partnership witnesses the deep influence of made-in-china technologies and products on European enterprises, which never happened before. 


Someone once said that the rise of China glass machinery industry is rather just “ a market lucky miracle ” than “ a genuine promotion of core technologies ”, arguing that those influential glass machinery companies in China had been always copying Western technologies (“C to C”, cope to China), especially the European glass machinery technologies.
Now with A+W entering Chinese market and choosing NorthGlass as a strategic partner, and with multifaceted technology and product cooperation of the two companies being started to especially focus on NorthGlass’s automation solution and big data analysis approach, it means that the mutual technology cooperation between Eastern and Western glass processing industries is taking a new big step forward. 
In future, with NorthGlass’s technological innovation being speeded up, NorthGlass will attract more and more companies to be proactive to have win-win technology talks.


On the other hand, a genuine strategic integration between A+W and NorthGlass was achieved. They have reached a high consistency protocol regarding market expansion, customer service as well as technological innovation. Their bilateral strategic development goal is not only limited in the single direction of expanding Chinese market, but also deepening the bilateral strategic integration as far as possible.   
Last but not the least, the strategic cooperation between A+W and NorthGlass also provided a new approach to make domestic glass processing automatic and informationalized.
In the favor of NorthGlass’s automation system development, instead of only using her own legs to walk and run, this strategic cooperation will help NorthGlass to “fly” higher with the “wings” of A+W technology. It can help NorthGlass to faster, more professionally and more stably provide end users with integrated solutions of glass automated and informationalized processing.    
In the favor of A+W expanding Chinese market, instead of walking slowly in dark nights, this strategic cooperation will help A+W to get lights from NorthGlass and start running faster. It will enable A+W to more cheaply, more timely and more thoroughly provide Chinese glass processors with more professional ERP and production execution software.
In the past, either NorthGlass developing new products, or A+W expanding Chinese market, is not an easy practice step by step. In the face of glass processing 4.0 age coming, it means a lot for both NorthGlass and A+W business opportunities as well as Chinese glass machinery industry development to have a try at new international approach.
Overall speaking, this cooperation started by A+W and NorthGlass presented a milestone significance and gave important value to support and promote the fast development of domestic glass processing automation as well as popularize the modernization and informationization of glass industry.     


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