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NorthGlass brought exclusive curtail wall glass to FC2016

Date:2016-11-30 15:33:45

From 9th, Nov., 2016 to 12th, Nov., 2016, Fenestration China Exhibition was held during the early winter in Beijing. Regardless of the coldness of the outdoor, NorthGlass with a stand area of 200m2 was remained to be a hot spot in the period of 4-day exhibition, receiving more than 1000 professional visitors on the stand.


Visitors’ big passion on NorthGlass stand was firstly attributed to a 15m-long double-silver Low-E insulated glass HS, which is exclusively made by NorthGlass. Numerous professional exhibition visitors fixed their eyes on this exhibit and showed their great interest. Such a 15m-super-long glass managed to be processed by both Low-E coating and heat strengthening techniques is hard to not be paid attention with its close-to-perfectness flatness. Combined with insulated glass technology as well as glass package and transportation advantages, visitors was not only impressed with NorthGlass’s strong production ability, but also the continuous pursuit spirit of perfect product quality.



In addition, NorthGlass also brought her other new glass products with new techniques developed in recent years to the stand: (a). 8mm jumbo-size square panel of double-silver Low-E tempered & insulated glass with general bow of less than 1‰ and local bow of less than 0.07mm/300mm as well as no optical distortion, especially eliminating head-end & tail-end deformation by using NorthGlass’s newly-developed technology; (b). Curved tempered glass with an arc length of 4.5m; (c). Aluminum-mesh laminated glass with irregular grinding processing; (d). Energy-efficient heat-mirror insulated glass; (e). Practical and beautiful sefar-mesh laminated glass; (f). Incredibly beautiful serration printing glass. All these exhibits made the 200m2-area stand become a scenically beautiful place.  





All business personnel from NorthGlass’s main glass production bases in Tianjin and Beijing, together with colleagues from NorthGlass’s another two main equipment production bases in Luoyang and Shanghai were organized on the stand to form a team of over 20 personnel every day during the exhibition so as to give the most professional answers to the inquiries of each visitor. Company leaders also attended the exhibition in person and patiently introduced NorthGlass’s glass amazing stories to every visitor.










Two years ago, at the same place, newly-built NorthGlass’s production base in Tianjin brought the prototypical oversize glass products to attend Fenestration China Exhibition at the first time to closely go after new market trend, aiming to let more and more people to get to know NorthGlass as a specialized glass deep-processing equipment and deep-processed glass manufacturer. Today, after two years of technology upgrading and processing ability greatly improving, NorthGlass’s market standing has been incomparable, who has become a market leader by virtue of her unique products.

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