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NorthGlass Photography Contest— “Impression• The Beauty of Nature”

Source:Northglass Date:2017-1-17 17:33:12

Recently, in the company, under the theme of “Impression •  The Beauty of Nature”, NorthGlass held a photography contest. More than 40 employees participated in the competition with nearly 400 photo works. Among these works, we are pleasantly surprised with the excellent photography skills of these contestants.


Due to so many excellent works that made the winner selection rather difficult, the jury finally decided to add the number of winners, considering to respect the contestants’ work and also let more  beautiful scenes  of nature in these photos to be shared with each other.


The works of winners and other excellent works are showed as below:


                                                                                             The Special Prize



《 Infinite Scene in High Mountains 》   Author Wang Xiaoqiang, Brand Management Dep.



                                                                                             The First Prize


《 Golden Meadow    Author: He Peng, Tianjin International Trade Dep. 



《 Smile in Angkor    Author: Han Qi, Administration Management Dep.



                                                                                             The Second Prize



《 An angler in Germany    Author: Fengping, After-sales Dep.of Tempering Furnace Business Unit




《Fairyland on Earth》   Author: Wang Xiaoqiang, Brand Management Dep.



《Horse Hoofs in Herdsmen’s Hometown》   Author: He Peng, Tianjin International Trade Dep.




《Lijiang Impression》   Author: Cao Jing, HLVS Corp.


                                                                                             The Third Prize



《Lugu Lake》   Author: Ma Yanning, Luoyang Administration Dep.



《Beautiful Pink Lotus》   Author: Wang Dejun, Customer Service Dep. of Tempering Furnace Business Unit 



《Seabirds》   Author: Hepeng, Tianjin International Trade Dep.



《Sunset》   Author: Chen Yuzhen, Shanghai Information Dep.



《Huizhou Impression》   Author: Dong Xiaoning, Sales of Automation Corp.



《Water and Fish, Ink and Wash》  Author: Wang Dejun, Customer Service Dep. of Tempering Furnace Business Unit



《Sunset in Luoyang Luopu Park》   Author: Ma Liang, Tempering Furnace Division


                                                                      Excellent Works





























                                                        Works of Mr. Gao Xueming (Chairman of NorthGlass)

                                               (As per chairman’s request, his works is only for presentation, not for competition.)















This photography contest was a successful and satisfactory activity. Through this activity, the company hopes that more and more of her employees can learn to discover, enjoy and cherish those beautiful moments easy to be neglected, and wishes all a better life!

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