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Memorabilia of NorthGlass in 2016

Source:Northglass Date:2017-1-25 16:33:35

2016 is an important year for NorthGlass to continue with the past and open up the future. During this year, under the leadership of our president, Mr. Gao Li, all of our business units were growing and fruitful. At this festive moment of ringing out the Old Year and ringing in the New Year, let us look back on those great events NorthGlass had participated and memorable contributions NorthGlass had spared no effort to make to the industry and the society.


NorthGlass Held the First Marketing Meeting

Through this meeting, NorthGlass found her new marketing approach, based on the purpose of building unified public image, expanding sales channels, promoting the resource sharing of each business unit.



NorthGlass Initiated and Set Up an Industrial Fund

NorthGlass built cooperation with Lianxun Capital Investment Co., Ltd. and together set up an industrial fund called “NorthGlass Fund”, and took her first step into new eco-friendly business of SiNest material, which is micro-crystalline material foamed from tailings and established a new company called Beijing NorthGlass SiNest Technology Co., Ltd..



NorthGlass Provided High-quality Glass Products to National Key Projects

Glass production bases of NorthGlass successively undertook a series of curtain wall glass projects for the most famous electronics company in the world, World Expo, Disney (“Tomorrowland”) and 2016 G20 Summit ( main meeting place) and handed over satisfying and perfect glass products.


As the first Disney Theme Park in China Mainland, Shanghai Disney designed fantastic park for big and small “babies”. As for NorthGlass, the construction completion of Disney“Tomorrowland” witnessed the technology strength of products“made by NorthGlass” and “made in China”. The unique curtain wall glass with free-form curved surfaces used in “Tomorrowland”won won bronze award in national construction glass art design competition. 



“Joyous cloud” shape of World Expo museum, symbolizing future , openness & flashing moments, interprets a theme of “ progress & eternity” of human age. Those irregular glass panels used as the whole curtain wall system of “joyous cloud” showed the strong technology and R & D capability of NorthGlass.



The main meeting place of 2016 G20 Summit is the most attractive venue with those ultra-wide glass putting together to reach an area of nearly 6,000 m2, super clear and spotless. The fitting of these glass with clipper-built roof structure gives the whole building an unique charm of history and reality blending.



Diversified high-quality glass products produced by NorthGlass witnessed such grand gathering activities as Olympic Game, World Expo, APEC Meeting, etc..



Glass products designed for Shanghai Disney won bronze award in national construction glass art design competition. 



Frit glass designed for Shanghai Tower won innovation award in national construction glass art design competition. 


NorthGlass Put on Big Shows on Global Exhibition Stages 

NorthGlass brought new equipment and glass products successively to attend China Glass 2016, Glasstec 2016, FC 2016 and BAU 2016. Among all these exhibits, screen printing machine and pre-treatment line from Guangdong Juisun were presented on China Glass Exhibition for the first time after NorthGlass merged the company; Automation system from Shanghai North Glass Automation Technology Co., Ltd. showed NorthGlass’s big effort in catching up with glass deep processing industry 4.0; Glass products from NorthGlass’s Tianjin production base and Shanghai production base own independent pricing right by virtue of their excellent quality; Tempering furnace with NorthGlass’s newest technology became the biggest highlight in this exhibition.





NorthGlass Built Strategic Cooperation with A+W —— making glass processing automation possible

On 13th, Oct., 2016, A+W came to NorthGlass’s Shanghai production base and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with NorthGlass. This cooperation presented a milestone significance and gave important value to support and promote the fast development of domestic glass processing automation as well as popularize the modernization and informationization of glass industry.   



NorthGlass Merged the Business of DongGuan Henghechang, Expanding Her Business to Consumer Electronics Market

NorthGlass signed <Acquisition Agreement> with Dongguan Henghechang Glass Co., Ltd. and three natural persons and planned to use her own funds to purchase part of business of Dongguan Henghechang, starting to step into consumer electronics industry.



The new year is coming, let's set sail again into a new journey. 

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