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Innovating Forever, Striving for Success— NorthGlass Won “Architectural Glass First-selected Brand” Award

Date:2017-3-22 19:39:08

“Annual Meeting” report of windows,doors and curtain walls industry:

On 10th, Mar., 2017, The 23rd national annual meeting of aluminum windows,doors and curtain walls industry was grandly held in Guangzhou Grand Hyatt Hotel. Mr. Huang Qi, deputy secretary general of China Architecture Metal Structure Association attended the meeting and made a statement.

Huang Qi Deputy Secretary General  China Architecture Metal Structure Association

During the meeting, An award ceremony of “Appraisal and Selection Activity of the 12th AL- Survey 2016-2017 Among Readers for “My Favorite Curtail Wall Construction”, which was hosted by China Architecture Metal Structure Association and sponsored by This event had been held every year since 2005. With the principle of “ No dark horse, but real distinction”, it has become an important reference for real estate developers, designing institutes, industry professionals as well as consulting companies to purchasing products and selecting brands. The poll of “My favorite curtail wall project” every year is compared to the outpost of “Luban Award of China Architecture Engineering”, and this time NorthGlass got 29513 votes and won the second place of “Architectural Glass First-selected Brand” Award.

Rankings of Architectural Glass First-selected Brand


Awarded corporation representatives receiving the award

NorthGlass can’t win the award without the care and support of industry leaders and the high recognition from the broad masses of consumers. NorthGlass has won the award multiple times as the first-selected brand of architectural glass, and participated in drafting JGT455-2014 <Tempered Glass for Window, Door and Curtain Wall in Buildings>. NorthGlass was also a main drafter of G30 industrial standard guideline.

NorthGlass Won “Architectural Glass First-selected Brand” Award

NorthGlass is the strongest & largest developer and manufacturer in the field of glass deep-processing equipments. Our major product, flat/bent glass tempering furnace, is ranking the first of worldwide industry within last 14 years since 2002, according to the production and sales quantity. The cumulative domestic market share is almost 50%, and nearly 4000 NorthGlass glass tempering furnaces are running in 83 countries around the world. The Low-E coating line developed and produced by NorthGlass is becoming one of the global leaders in glass coating industry and led to a rapid development of coated glass industry in China. More than 20 coating machines have been put into production within last 10 years. Guangdong NorthGlass Juisun Corp., merged and established by NorthGlass, with its featured product of glass screen printing line, is in the front row of the industry. Not only that, with the automation system on line, but NorthGlass also opened a new chapter in glass deep processing industry 4.0.

Another key product for NorthGlass is upscale deep-processed glass, which have been widely applied in a lot of famous construction projects all over the world, for example “Sun Valley” & “Shiliupu Pier” of 2010 Shanghai Expo, “Bird Nest” & “Water Cube” of 2008 Beijing Olympics, China National Center for the performance arts, National Grand Theatre, New Beijing South Railway Station, Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Tower, Abu Dhabi International Airport, Singapore Changi Airport, Vietnam APEC Exhibition Center, Leaden Hall Building in London, Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, etc. Meanwhile, NorthGlass is also one of two qualified architectural glass suppliers for the most famous electronics company in the world, for its dozens of Flagship Stores in the world as well as its new Headquarters Building in Silicon Valley.

While meeting domestic markets with new products and constantly developing international market, NorthGlass gradually built up a global marketing & service network integrated with “Sales, Service and Technical Support”, based in China and expanded to the world, which basically ensure the realization of the goal “Building NorthGlass as the industry’s first brand”.


Mrs. Dong Hong, head of Aluminum Window and Door Committee of China Architecture Metal Structure Association, spoke at the meeting

At the meeting, Mrs. Dong Hong, head of Aluminum Window and Door Committee of China Architecture Metal Structure Association, made a speech regarding “ Work Report of Windows and Curtain Wall Industry in 2016”, which benefited all the meeting participants a lot.

For NorthGlass, it appreciates this precious opportunity and will continue to hold the philosophy of “Innovating Forever·Striving for Success” to provide superior products and services to the broad masses of customers and also sincerely keep close relationship with friends from all circles to co-create a bright future.

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