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What We Have Done in Canada?

Date:2017-3-27 19:28:08

In Canada, land of maple, 707 Fifth Street will be formally completed within this month, an office building invested by globally famous finance service provider— Manulife and built in the downtown Calgary.


707 Building was designed by SOM, a globally top-level architecture design company. In the building, there are such functional areas as fitness center, winter garden, conference facilities, etc.. The building’s full-height glass in elliptic shape was introduced for visual expectation of its owner, which however brought about a problem of energy consumption.

The owner of the building applied LEED green building certification in particular to highlight the quality of the building. That is to say, the curtail wall glass used for this building needs to lower the U value to save energy consumption as much as possible. However, in today’s field of glass technology, the vast majority of coated glass cannot simultaneously meet this building’s requirements for curved glass, while the normal insulated glass hardly can have a U value accepted by LEED certification.

In order to win this order, Tianjin NorthGlass, as a key tempered glass production base of NorthGlass, proposed to both the designer and owner of this building a scheme of convex tempered glass technology. To realize this unique technology, Tianjin NorthGlass managed to do the equipment transformation and conducted repetition trials and samplings. And finally, NorthGlass succeeded.

(View from the 15th Floor of 707 Building)


( View from the 27th Floor of 707 Building)

This order, thousands of miles away, naturally belonged to NorthGlass. And for NorthGlass herself, this was absolutely a new challenge. Tianjin NorthGlass spared no effort to the product’s quality through trial and error.



Calgary is located at the foot of Rocky Mountains. In the sunny days, through the reflection of flat and spotless glass, we can see not only the blue sky and white cloud, but also the distant snow mountain and forest. Calgary is regarded as the cleanest city in the world, with the name meaning “clear flowing water”. And what NorthGlass did was to beautifully hang this clear stream upside down on the surface of 707 Building.

The spirit of Chinese Craftsmanship and the extremely exquisite products together is NorthGlass’s one and only magic key to unlock customers’doubts.

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