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NorthGlass T-Series Tempering Furnace Won “Golden Pin Design Award”

Date:2017-3-30 19:52:02

Golden Pin Design Award is Taiwan’s most authoritative and most popular design competition with the longest history of 35 years. Thousands of ethnic Chinese manufacturers with tens of thousands of works participated in the competition. It is regarded as “The Top Design Award in Global Ethnic Chinese Market” and “Golden Horse Awards in Design Community”.

In this competition, hundreds of works is selected and awarded “Golden Pin Design Symbol” every year, which represents the affirmation of product quality. Among these hundreds of works, then 15-20 ones are further selected and awarded “Annual Best Design” with a trophy symbolizing the supreme honor.

Dai Sato, the jury chairman of 2016 Golden Pin Design Award, said that it was an exciting but difficult for him to do the excellence selection among more than 3,000 works, because all these works were of high standard beyond his expectation.


                                                                    NorthGlass T-Series Tempering Furnace

NorthGlass T-Series Tempering Furnace had the honor to be one of “Golden Pin Design Award” winner by virtue of its appearance of stoutness and design philosophy of simplicity and internationalization.
The furnace puts diamond-cutting element into use and its multi-facet design is one of the highlights. The black furnace’s main body embodies a kind of sedate feeling and meanwhile the strikingly orange waistline running through the whole dark grey body can be taken as a warning symbol. The rollers also uses orange color to give a safer color contrast.




As for the machining part, multiple iron plates are jointly put together to form multiple subdivided surfaces with rich layering. And glass viewing window equipped at the waistline allows operators to clearly examine the inner working status of the furnace.



NorthGlass highly focuses on every detail when designing and manufacturing the furnace; and most importantly, a series of overturning technological innovations has been made, such as: An innovative design of “ Intelligent Heating Control System based on Glass Exit-Chamber Temperature” successfully eliminates the glass temperature deviation with real-time monitoring instead of traditional heating control method indirectly via setting empirical heating time; Intelligent heating control module co-developed by NorthGlass and our professional partners, enables a precise & stable heating control with distinct advantages of agility, with a quick response time, anti-interference; Gapless forced convection technology, ideally combines accurate heating control by longitudinal convection pipes and uniform stress distribution by lateral convection arrangement, ensuring top quality large tempered glass curtain wall with both clear float and Low-E coated glass; Super Flat & Spotless technology with staggered arrangement of 8-rows blowing nozzles combined with patented quench section lateral swing structure are adopted for even quenching thereby reducing iridescence which allows North Glass to produce the world’s top quality glass; The new nanoscale thermal insulation material, co-developed by NorthGlass and a national scientific research institute., provides better heat retention and energy savings by blocking the internal micro air convection, etc..


NorthGlass holds the spirit of Chinese Craftsmanship to make extremely exquisite products and continuously strides forward intelligent-manufacturing and advanced-manufacturing market. Innovating unceasingly and walking in the technology front are much harder than simply selling products to customers, and NorthGlass chooses the former way!

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