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  • Products Name: LOW-E coating machine
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To meet lhe needs of different process, Northglass offers C series ( fixedseparale comparfmenis) and S series ( inferchangeable compartmenis)coating machines The Machines are mainly used to deposil solar controllayer,  low-E layer and TCO layer. Moreover, the Company has the abilily l。

Technical dala ofihe coaling machine
Background vacuum:5 x10-6 mbar
Shorlest Cycle time:  Min.40s    
Thickness ofsubsirafe: 3mm~19mm
Machine capacily1,800,000~9,500, 000 m2

Mox substrate size
Standard low-E coater     2540mm×3660mm
Jumbo low-E coafer       3300mm×6000mm
Automotive Iow-E cooter   1400mm×2400 mm

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